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A selection of news stories about offices and office furniture that we thought you’d enjoy.

Do Open Offices Really Increase Collaboration?
by Quartz at Work

Many people wonder why their offices are designed in a certain way. Surely executives must have carefully considered how each option would impact work patterns, and then logically chosen the best option, right?  Read more
How to Make Sure People Won’t Hate Your New Open Office Plan
by Harvard Business Review

When place identity is high, employees report more engagement in their work and a stronger connection to the company.  Read more
A standing desk isn’t going to help you lose a lot of weight
by The Washington Post

Contrary to popular belief, standing desks won’t help you lose weight. They will, however, prevent weight gain and decrease the risk of conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.   Read more
In the U.S. workplace, a standing desk has become an important benefit
by StarTribune

In helping people lead a less sedentary life, standing desks have emerged as the fastest growing employee benefit in U.S. workplaces.   Read more
Don’t Get Too Comfortable at That Desk
by The New York Times

Out with open floor plans, in with activity-based workplaces. The New York Times chronicles the fight to bring more people into the office and increase productivity by offering new work environments.  Read more
Moving Beyond Open Plan Spaces
by Work Design Magazine

Office design is not “one size fits all.” As explained in Work Design, designers must take into consideration the workers’ needs before implementing co-working solutions.  Read more
Unemployment is at a 16-year Low, so Why is the Office Furniture Industry Soft?
by DeskMakers CEO, Phil Polishook

While unemployment is shrinking, publicly traded office furniture manufacturers are reporting uniformly poor sales. Our CEO Phil Polishook weighs in.  Read more
Moving Beyond Productivity: IBM’s Remote Work Reversal
by Work Design Magazine

IBM recently called their remote employees back into the office to put an end to their declining revenue. While working in a shared workspace drives creativity, it requires a flexible environment with chance encounters to enhance innovation.   Read more
CEOs Want Their Offices Back
by The Wall Street Journal

With nearly 70% of U.S. offices designed as an open space concept, CEOs are moving towards old-fashioned private offices. However, the open-office revolt is less about reclaiming the corner office and more about needing a quiet place to think.  Read more
7 Effective and Affordable Ways to Get Your Workout in at Your Desk
by Business Insider

Get fit without leaving your desk! The Insider team compiled 7 ways to work out from your desk: from chairs to foot massage balls. This is desking done right.  Read more
How One Firm Lowered Its Open-Office Noise
by The Wall Street Journal

Open offices are often critiqued because they are primed for distracting employees. Inc. launched an anti-distraction campaign, moving teams to different parts of the open-office and cutting back on public channels like Slack to reduce the number of notifications employees received. The result: a decrease in office noise and an increase in employee concentration. Open offices are great for collaboration and when designed correctly, foster steady concentration.  Read more
A look inside $23 billion LinkedIn's New York office, where employees enjoy perks like free gourmet meals and a speakeasy hidden in the Empire State Building
by Business Insider

LinkedIn's Manhattan office is located in the Empire State Building - fitting for such an iconic company. Yet that's far from the only interesting thing about this space– from an office theater to pop up cookie decorating stations to secret doors, LinkedIn's office is retrofitted with all the latest (and coolest) office design and tech gadgets.  Read more
No Laptop, No Phone, No Desk: UBS Reinvents the Work Space
by The New York Times

The term "hot desking" has been circulating lately - eliminating fixed desks and giving employees the flexibility to choose any desk that suits their needs that day. The mobile desk. UBS Bank implemented the concept and it resulted in better economic efficiency and more employee collaboration and agility. Mobile desks are quickly changing the office landscape.  Read more
The Office Experiment: Can Science Build the Perfect Workspace?
Office design is so often considered aesthetically focused – now, Scientific American researches the science behind office design. Employees were subjected to nine different office environments to identify which is the best of the bunch.  Read more
Why the Paperless Office Is Finally on Its Way
We’ve long heard whispers that digital will completely replace paper. Now, even office design is affected by the change – with less paper, the need for storage is declining. What would a completely paperless office look like?  Read more

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