A Tradition of Excellence

Since our start in 1964— when we were manufacturing in a small East Los Angeles factory— we’ve become one of the leading manufacturers of modern, customizable, and affordable laminate casegoods, tables, and desking.

Back then, we offered desks in only two laminate finishes (oak and walnut), and one pedestal style (box file) with only one variety of drawer pull. Today, we are based in a modern 75,000 square foot facility in Commerce, CA, where we work every day to enable our customers to achieve their design vision through our customizable, flexible and affordable products.

A Commitment to Quality

At DeskMakers, we take quality seriously. We use only the best laminate, veneer, and hardwood materials. We even select top-quality stains, hardware, and edgebanding. This attention to detail is the reason we make office furniture with first-class fit, finish and styling, at reasonable prices.

Furniture is Delivered Assembled, not Knocked-Down

Many manufacturers deliver their product knocked-down (K.D.), or partially K.D. We guarantee our casegoods products are always delivered fully assembled, which allows for quicker installation. And because the majority of our furniture is shipped blanket-wrapped, installation is even quicker, and there is less garbage.

Flexibility & Customizability

To help customers achieve their design vision, product flexibility and customizability is a key factor. At DeskMakers, products are built-to-order, allowing you to customize with a near-infinite variety of finishes, sizes and configurations. And unlike many competing manufacturers, we excel at building customs to match the customer’s needs and desires.

Core Values


Outstanding Customer Service

At the end of the day, the greatest product in the world is not enough for us to be successful, and we know it. Customer service is tantamount to our process, and we work hard to ensure we get it right. Whether it means keeping the prices affordable, creating the perfect custom product, or just asking about someone’s day, we make sure the customer leaves knowing we care about them and their needs.


In design, as in customer service, DeskMakers strives to be as flexible as possible. No two clients are exactly alike, and neither are their office spaces. We know our products need to be as stylish and functional in the real-world as they are in the showroom or the catalogue.
We strive to ensure our products will work for every need by keeping everything customizable. Though this flexibility, every customer can come to DeskMakers and achieve their design vision.

Respect and Empathy

At DeskMakers, we show respect and empathy towards our customers, suppliers, and fellow employees. This means we listen intently to the points of view of others, and always show these points of view the utmost respect, particularly at times of disagreement.

In his bestselling 1989 book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey’s fifth habit is, “Seek First to Understand, then be Understood.”

DeskMakers takes this habit seriously, and we make certain to understand and empathize with our peers when resolving a dispute.

Honesty and Forthrightness

Honesty and forthrightness are necessary for effective communication. Only by sharing facts, thoughts and opinions can we make optimal decisions. When dealing with customers, our mantra is, “No surprises.”

Honesty reduces the likelihood DeskMakers will over-promise and under-deliver. We do not say, “We’ll try,” when we know the likelihood of success is low. In such situations, it is better to give a firm promise we know we can fulfill, rather than set ourselves—and our customers—up for failure.

Often it is difficult to be honest and forthright, as we are scared of other’s reactions. However, we know if we practice showing respect and empathy, being honest and forthright become much easier.


We seek to work closely with others in a spirit of partnership, and with a win-win attitude. We help fellow employees, even when the work does not fall under our job description.

Working together as a team, we can make our work more gratifying, and accomplish far more than we ever can as individuals.


Each of us can make a difference by holding ourselves accountable for the company’s successes and failures. When we see a problem, we do not wait for someone else to fix it. We speak up, we “own it” by raising our concerns to fellow employees and working together to develop a solution.

Innovation at Every Level, and Without Fear

As a business, we strive to remain on the leading-edge of innovation in modern design, product customization, and customer service. We know DeskMakers can never be complacent, and should always be seeking new and better ways to get things done.

DeskMakers’ employees are encouraged to innovate, even though we know not all innovations are successful. In fact, we believe occasionally making mistakes is integral to innovation, and we use mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.

Finally, it is important innovation comes from the bottom-up, and not just from the top-down. We encourage all DeskMakers employees, at all levels of staff and management, to provide input. Not all good ideas come from the top, and innovation is driven by any employee with a unique point of view.


While we are serious about office furniture at DeskMakers, it is important to remember it is still only office furniture. If we can laugh at ourselves and create a fun, congenial work environment, we will be more successful implementing our other core values, and more successful as a company. Further, we will able to more effectively work together to help our customers realize their needs.

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