About Us

Our Brand Promise
We enable our customers to achieve their design vision through our sleek and customizable case goods, desking, and tables. Furthermore, we are dedicated to making the buying process as easy as possible.
Design Flexibility
DeskMakers is passionate about helping its customers furnish beautiful office environments. By offering an endless array of finish options, sizes, materials, and configurations, DeskMakers is recognized as the ultimate source for design flexibility in office furniture.
Tradition of Excellence
DeskMakers was founded in 1964 when it began manufacturing laminate case goods in a small factory in East Los Angeles. Today, we are based in a state-of-the-art facility and have become one of the leading office furniture manufacturers on the West Coast.
Core Values

At DeskMakers, our Core Values are more than just a sign mounted in a hallway. They are our co-created principles we abide by while serving you. We don’t take them lightly and believe that working well together is the best way to get the right results.

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Core Values

Manufacturing in Los Angeles comes with some of the tightest regulatory restrictions in the country. Being good stewards of the environment is embedded in all our processes and is reflected in each and every step of our manufacturing.

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Built-to-Order in Our Factory in Los Angeles

All DeskMakers products are built-to-order by our 90+ employees working in our 75,000 square foot factory in Los Angeles. Manufacturing at our own factory allows us to customize orders in almost unlimited sizes, finishes, and configurations.
Made in LA
LA welcomes diversity, celebrates individuality, and appreciates innovation. It’s where you’ll find dream makers, style makers, taste makers, and the home of DeskMakers. We design it, build it, and ship it. Desking, benching, casegoods, tables, and more. All under one roof. All with care and pride. And all with one purpose – to enable you with the design flexibility to create stunning, functional, flexible, affordable offices. We’re proud to be made in LA. Because when it’s made in LA, it’s made for the world.
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