DeskMakers is committed to offering a broad variety of laminates, finishes, fabrics, and even textures in order to give your work environment a personal touch.
Thermofuse Laminate Finishes
Nothing says durability and value better than our laminate offerings. TFL and HPL are available, both in a variety of colors and textures that will help bring your design story to life.
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Solid Wood
When the project requires a special touch to convey just the right image, the new solid woods from DeskMakers are the right choice. They look at home in both contemporary and transitional offices.
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3DL, MDF, Plywood
Today’s workplace is more like home than ever before. More causal environments need new materials to give the workplace right balance.
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The right textiles on panels and cushions offer welcome pops of color and texture to any design.
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Edge Details
A variety of edge details can take our classic products from traditional to contemporary.
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Like jewelry, the pull adds that finishing touch that completes the look.
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