DeskMakers and Configura launch new CET Designer Extension

Los Angeles, California, August 14th, 2019 – Los Angeles based furniture manufacturer DeskMakers, has teamed up with Configura, creator of CET Designer software, to launch a new DeskMakers CET Designer extension.

DeskMakers is dedicated to helping dealers and designers furnish beautiful office environments while making the buying process as easy as possible. The new DeskMakers CET extension, available for download in the CET Marketplace, simplifies the specification and ordering of DeskMakers products by utilizing a single platform for the entire space-planning process. Approved users can drag and drop components into a layout that functions with DeskMakers SKU numbers, pricing and rules for an accurate configuration.

“We’re excited to partner with Configura on a CET Designer extension. The extension will let dealers and designers quickly and accurately furnish spaces with DeskMakers products.” says Judy Heusner-Shepler, DeskMakers CET Manager.

Based in Los Angeles, DeskMakers is a leading manufacturer of office furniture. DeskMakers offers cost-effective solutions for private offices, open floor plans, and meeting spaces, as well as producing custom office furniture solutions. With an endless array of finishes, sizes, and configurations, DeskMakers is the ultimate source for design flexibility.