K-Swiss Global Brands

The K-Swiss Global Brands office is located in a 100-year-old historic building, which, while filled with character, created many design obstacles for Tim Gajewski and his team at NxT Studio. Strict architectural parameters and a desire for a more modern office configuration required the NxT Studio team to work with custom-sized materials. “DeskMakers was a vehicle we used to resolve problems in the project,” says Tim. Maintenance was a key factor when designing this space, which is one of the reasons why Tim chose to use DeskMakers’ products. The wood-finish of the DeskMakers’ laminate used in this project allowed NxT Studio to obtain the durability of laminate with the rustic and natural look of wood. “A lot of times when you look at comparative products, particularly overseas, it’s really hard to gage quality,” says Tim. “DeskMakers is produced locally and allowed us to make simple dimensional changes to fit into the unique space without breaking the bank.” Ultimately, DeskMakers was able to help NxT Studio execute their vision while remaining comfortably within the budget. The products were built to withstand demanding work conditions and complement the industrial aesthetic of the space. The end result is a refined yet rustic office space that perfectly captures the company’s culture.
LocationLos Angeles, California
DesignerNxT Studio
PhotographyBenny Chan