RiverRock Real Estate Group

Alongside architecture and design firm, LPA Design Studios, and general contractor, C.W. Driver, G|M Business Interiors helped create a modern, sophisticated and eccentric office environment for RiverRock Real Estate Group’s new Irvine headquarters. A client-centric property and asset firm that provides superior hands on management and specialized accounting services, RiverRock wanted to create a more flexible and modern environment to support their new hybrid working model. G|M worked closely with LPA and RiverRock’s team to bring this vision to life.

“The ability to closely meet the original design intent, flexibility with multiple high end factory renderings and customer support combined with a price point that allowed the original project budget to be met were why G|M and Deskmakers were chosen.” – Ryan Turnbull, G|M Business Interiors
LocationIrvine, California
ProductsHeight Adjustable Private Offices
Scope24 workstations, 20 private offices, 3 conference rooms, breakroom, reception, phone booths, huddle rooms and lockers