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In 2017, DeskMakers was tasked with creating an ergonomic desk design which helped to create an environment of workplace wellness. This installation marks the first time DeskMakers used 3DL, thermofoil soft-edge surfaces, a feature that is now available in all DeskMakers installations. This type of softened laminate edge is beneficial for workers because it creates a more comfortable desk experience that is gentler on employees’ wrists. The interior workstation desks of this unique space feature magnetic-backed painted glass, which the employees can use as writing surfaces. All of the DeskMaker products used throughout the office were created with similar materials and colors, which created a unified and cohesive look. “Our job was to take what the client wanted and create a product that suited his needs at the price-point where he needed to be,” says Justin Rodenback, a DeskMakers’ representative who worked on the project. “The DeskMakers’ team provides design aid and flexibility that allows the dealer to save costs in design time.”
LocationIrvine, California
ProductsTeamWorx and Conference Tables
Scope76 open floor plan workstations, 19 private offices and 4 conference rooms